Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6 Rules of Success

I just wanted to share this short video with you about Arnold's 6 rules of Success.  Regardless of what you think of him personally or of his politics, he was a driven, self-made man.  And this is a very inspirational speech.

It will help to get you pumped and inspired.  But as he reminds in the video, none of these rules will work for you unless do.  Work, work, work towards your goal and don't quit.


  1. Interesting video. Definitely inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  2. A true video, work, work, work with your mind and body at the same time. Never forget your limits, and never think you can't get past them.

  3. I just love Arnold. Whether you think he was a good actor or politician, you had to admit he tried, and still tries in everything he does.

    Love the video, and the blog, following and supporting.


  4. Nice, +follow. come check out my page if you get a chance