Monday, September 12, 2011


What image often comes to mind when somebody thinks of a philanthropist?  The modern vernacular use of the term usually conjures up an image of a rich guy in a suit giving millions to some fund or charity.  Quite often it's done in an effort to repair or soften his image as a rich, greedy SOB.

But that really isn't what the word really means.  Wealth is not a prerequisite of being a philanthropist.  Philanthropy simply means "love of humanity" or a desire to help and nurture the human potential.  You don't need to be rich to do this.  You just need to help others and have a desire to help others.  Even small acts, done consistently, go a long way and build a web effect of goodwill stretching out from you - all in your favor! That's a good investment and it'll make you happier too.  By helping others you help yourself.

This doesn't always come naturally.  Some are born with an innate interest and compassion for people.  But for others, they're about as helpful as the next guy but they really got their own problems to worry about.  What they need to realize is that humans are a collaborative species.  We're made to help each other.  You don't have to go it alone.  Don't isolate yourself.  Care for your group.  Alphas aren't just stereotypical buff idiots.  The good ones have a real interest in and concern for the group; they care for the pack.  Women find that nurturing, protective nature attractive.  Men find that self-sacrifice and friendship endearing and will follow it.


  1. Interesting post, but Philanthropy is so very discordant from the celebrated, yet corrupted, atmosphere of Capitalism. Of course, that may not necessarily carry through to the concept of family, represented by the collaborative wolf pack. But have you not thought of the idea that the individual wolves are merely capitalizing on the fact that they can survive much more easily in a pack? The group is therefore at times a catalyst for capitalism.

    Just a thought.

  2. Hey if I had the money I'd love to be Philanthropy-centric.

  3. If people realised how important and rewarding it is to help each other, the world would really be a better place. But now, each family needs 5 iphones and three computers instead.

  4. I always thought Philanthropy was a dirty word until recently

  5. I have been a self imposed Philanthropist. I open doors to old people, I do good deed one person in need at a time. except I don't donate money to charities because I have no money my self.